Lusitanus S.A. is a stock company which was found in 1999, made up of public as well as private capital which owns the equestrian centre located in Golegã, The Capital of the Horse in Portugal.

We congregate the most important, national and international, breeders of the Lusitano horse and we share facilities with the National Association of Equestrian Tourism, in one of the best riding facilities in Portugal. This allows a warm welcome to all of our guests, and also enables us present and commercialise horses to the highest possible standard. Our facilities are located in the heart of Golegã, where the National Horse Fair takes place each year.

In our facilities, we have some of the finest examples of the Lusitano horse which come from Portuguese stud farms and we are responsible for promoting their training, presentation and commercialization. We also run clinics and riding holidays for levels of rider, with or without accommodation, with a high standard of teaching.

In the surroundings of Lusitanus you can find several art and craft shops connected to horses (veterinary clinic, hat shop, tack shop and a ceramic studio).

A substantial number of horse-riders and horse lovers, from Portugal as well as from several Northern European countries, are our guests who come to ride regularly at Lusitanus.

Get to know us through these pages and do not hesitate to visit us.

The Lusitanus S.A Commitee

President: José Veiga Maltez, Dr

Email: gap@cm-golega.pt

Vice-president: Miguel Baêna, Dr

Email: miguelbaena@hotmail.com

Directors: Maria Pia Lobo Vasconcellos

Email: mopilobo@hotmail.com

Piedade Pidwell

Júlio Borba

Email: julioborba@netcabo.pt


Largo Marquês
de Pombal
2150 Golegã - Portugal

Tel.: +351 249 976 933

Fax: +351 249 976 932

Tlm: +351 912 259 424


Largo Marquês de Pombal, 2150 Golegã – Portugal +351 249 976933