Lusitanus S.A. uses Lusitano horses trained in high school and offers the following possibilities:

Individual/Group lessons (max 2 people per lesson/4 people per day)

Complete Riding Courses with accommodation, meals and car hire included (flight optional)

Good English spoken. Other languages: Portuguese, French and Spanish.

All levels of rider welcome from novice to advanced.

Please contact our agent for more information!

U.K :

We also promote regular clinics with other master riders besides those from Lusitanus




Largo Marquês
de Pombal
2150 Golegã - Portugal

Tel.: +351 249 976 933

Fax: +351 249 976 932

Tlm: +351 912 259 424

Largo Marquês de Pombal, 2150 Golegã – Portugal +351 249 976933